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MSC Sleep is the new CPAP and BiPAP specialty division of Medical Service Company. Our total focus is to provide “best in class” service to sleep apnea patients and our referring community. We combine a rich history of caring with the latest in technological advancements; all aimed at the goal of effective treatment of sleep apnea and improved health.


Service, Quality, Integrity and Compassion Since 1950

In our 65+ years of providing home medical equipment and supplies, we’ve established ourselves as a company that cares. We have survived and thrived by providing the optimal equipment, service and care, delivered with compassion and integrity.

We know that once you’ve completed a sleep study and your doctor has prescribed CPAP or BiPAP therapy, you’re ready to get started to restful nights and better health. That’s why we reach out quickly to arrange an appointment with our licensed Respiratory Therapists. They are the experts in getting you started by explaining the equipment, fitting you with the best nasal interface and educating you on the best tips to success.

Quick & Professional Service

Your Partner in Adapting to the Prescribed Therapy

For many people, adapting to your new therapy is challenging, but the rewards are well worth it! That’s why we have Compliance Coordinators with years of experience in helping you through the process. Our advanced equipment wirelessly and securely connects you to a web portal that shows us how long you’re using the equipment every night. When we see you’re struggling a bit, we reach out to you and talk through your issues, suggest changes and get you back on track.

CPAP and BiPAP therapy is delivered to you through a positive flow of air through a nasal interface, often referred to as a mask. Since everyone’s face is different, obtaining a good seal between the interface and your skin is very important. The best way to assure this is to change your supplies on a regular basis since skin oils reduce the flexibility of the interface cushions over time. New tubing, filters and humidifier chambers also keep your therapy in top notch condition, while reducing the potential for bacteria growth.

Need New Supplies? 

We’ve Got That Covered.

Insurance Billing

Most likely, we can bill your insurance for the prescribed equipment and supplies. We are contracted as a Participating Provider with most commercial and government health insurance companies. You may be responsible for deductible and co-pay amounts based on your specific plan, but our years of experience make the process simple.

“The service was great. The therapist explained everything in a way that could be understood and answered all my questions. By the way the machine (C-PAP) has helped me rest better and I don’t have headaches when I wake up in the morning like I used to. Thank you so much!!!”

John, Patient

"It is always easy to work with Medical Service Company. I recommend all of my patients to them because I know they will be receiving the best care. Great service!"

Shelby, Healthcare Provider


The MSC Sleep Program will be available to those living in Toledo, Ohio and

 New York, specifically in the cities of Albany, Buffalo and Syracuse. 




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